We all deserve a seat at the GoodTable.
Finally, a place to buy and sell the most sought-after reservations.

The question everyone is wondering...Why make another reservation platform? Plain and simple, we were tired of never being able to eat at the restaurants that everyone is raving about. Whether we were traveling and didn't book in advanced or just forgot to book for a Friday dinner out, we could never get a table at the spot we wanted. So we found a way to make it happen! The added bonus? You can sell your reservations too.

How it works:

  1. Set your preferred date and party size
  2. Scroll through the variety of reservations available in the marketplace
  3. Select the reservation time and restaurant of your choice
  4. Buy the reservation you want.
  5. Mark your calendar! You just found yourself a highly sought after table :)
  6. On the day of your reservation, tell the host:

That’s it!

Did you know that as a member of the GoodTable community, you not only have access to current listed reservations, but you can also:

  1. Unlimited requests to our GoodTable concierge! They’ll send the table you’re searching for to our community of reservationists and see if they have it available.
  2. List your reservations! From selling reservations a handful at a time to get rid of one-off reservations when you can’t seem to make it, our reservationist community is ready for you.

—The GoodTable Team